Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trip to Frazetta's

In my first year at the JKS i had one of the coolest experiences ever, this was going to the Frazetta Museum. We had the opportunity to go on a field trip to this place, which is located at Frank Frazetta's house in NJ. For me who knew about him for quite some time this was really awesome,  by the stuff you can see on his books or pretty much anything you can see the man is a beast. So we get there and its a beautiful place, beautiful lake, great property,  his wife is the one who receives the students because Frank wasn't in shape anymore to talk to the students due to his health condition which is very sad. So she gave us a tour, talked about his husband and his career, how he would do his paintings pulling off all nighters, like we all know this, because we all (most of the times) wait till the last moment to start on our work he did the same and amazing paintings would come out even tho he only spent one night doing it. Some times he would re do them because he felt that it just wasn't right and making a better version of the same one each time. It's amazing that this guy loosing his ability to draw with his drawing hand, taught himself to draw with his other hand, it's just amazing.
This is something i will always remember and i am very thankful that i had the opportunity to see this paintings in person and witness the greatness of this man's skills. 
Here are some pictures i still had in my phone from 2 years ago, from some of the paintings in his museum.

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