Monday, June 7, 2010

Artbook Cover

Cover for my Art book featuring
G - Boy.

Cowboy Hunters Storyboards

Storyboards done for my sketching
and layout class. never got why did these
cowboys had a bow and arrow to go hunting.

Yare Devil cover

Had a lot of fun in this one,
playing with a lot of dry brush
for the first time.


My last project for my color illustration class
was to do a mythology painting. I wanted to do
a cyclops and just have fun inking on illustration
board which i rarely do and try to do something
different with watercolors, hope you dig.


Old spidey pic i did which is
now hanging on a good friend's


Another brolab between my good
friend Josh Suarez killing it on the
pencils and me on the inks.

Black bolt brolab

Warm up sketch i pencilled and my
friend Alec Morgan inked and again
me on colors. Dig.

Complete view...

Remember that pic i posted here before, but
it was cropped because i wasn't happy enough
with it to show the whole thing? well, i don't
care now, here it is, enjoy or not.

Punk Storm

Always loved this rendition of her,
done as a thank you for a very patient

I've been slacking here in my own blog,
so I'm gonna start putting a lot of stuff
i haven't been able to post here.

This is a Double page spread i did
for Joe Kubert's class of narrative
art in my last year at the kubert school.
We had to come up with our own super
hero and i had to pay tribute to
Los diablos de yare from Venezuela or
as you would say it in english, Yare Devils.